New Project


Shooting for a new personal project! Always found very mysterious 
the notebooks and documents that you can see in the City on the hands of its employees! 
Maybe super important transactions or just nonsense notes. 
Who knows? Stay tuned. 
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LFW Backs – New project

pair_2 pair_24

The project shows the designers/visitors behind the fashions from a unique 
perspective, which reveals a hidden side to the outfits. The series hides 
the designer/visitor's identities, allowing the fashions stand on their own.
All portraits taken outside the main venue of the London Fashion Week in 
London, UK.

Please have a look at all the photos at:


London diary #9


Wedding photoshoot
Westminster, London, UK 2016

Açores #1


Lagoa do Fogo, São Miguel
Açores, Portugal 2016

London diary #8


Golden fishes and Pleco cleaning glass fish
Chinatown, London
UK 2016

London diary #7

Lnd_zine-10 copy.jpg
Cameron Must Go! National Demo - March for Health, Homes, Jobs & Education London, UK 2016

London diary VI

Soho, London 2016

Untitled #7


Havana, Cuba 2004

London diary V

View from the City Hall, London UK 2016

Untitled #6

San Sebastian Spain, 2014